Big Sky Mobile Catering has four mobile kitchen units. Each unit is fully mobile and capable of routinely feeding up to 1500 persons per meal at 400 persons per hour. Under emergency situations for short durations we can feed up to 2000 per meal. Our normal mode of operation is to feed two hot meals, breakfast and dinner, and a sack lunch.  Each of the four unit's configuration is basically the same, however there are some slight differences internally.  Each kitchen unit consists of a Kitchen/Cooking trailer, a Food Preparation and Refrigerated storage trailer, Sack Lunch/Dry Goods storage trailer and an eight sink hand washing trailer. Each kitchen unit has at least a minimum of 515 cubic feet of freezer storage, 1200 cubic feet of chilled food storage, 300 gallons of potable water storage,1000 gallons of gray water storage and 200 gallons of propane storage.  Each unit also has a covered, lighted, and seated dining area for 200 personnel. The hand wash trailer has an additional 450 gallons of potable water storage and 450 gallons of gray water storage.  Each kitchen unit has a diesel power generator capable of at least 60 kwh.

In an emergency situation we have the ability to be on the road with twelve hours of receiving notification. Upon arrival at the emergency location, units can be ready to begin preparing food within two hours. In non-emergency situations we have the ability to work within your preferences to find the right catering solutions to meet your specific needs. Our large pool of experienced cooks, caterers, service staff and CDL drivers can be on site to assist you in whatever your needs are, whether you are looking for a long term man-camp setup or large scale company picnic.

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