Big Sky Mobile Catering is always looking for new team members. Our contact period begins June 1, and runs through September 30. We are always looking for capable people to be available for that period, or a portion of it. Each kitchen unit has the need for a few cooks, a few food preparation personnel and a lot of general labor personnel.  Each kitchen unit also needs four truck drivers with class A commercial drivers licenses who may double as cooks or general help personnel.

Employees must be prepared to work shifts of 8 to 16 hours per day, seven days per week when the kitchen is in operation.  This often includes long hours on one's feet, lifting, loading and unloading supplies, ware washing, equipment cleaning, food serving, food preparation, and sack lunch assembly.

The employee is required to have a tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad or cot.  It is a camp out while on these operations.

The pay depends on experience, but usually starts around $9.44 per hour base with a health and welfare stipend added on during the first 40 hours of a work week. After 40 hours have been worked during the week the overtime pay rate is 1.5 times the base.  Our work week runs Sunday through Saturday.

Interested personnel should fill out our online application including a brief work history and personal and work references. 


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