Kitchen Cooking Trailer:
A 48 foot semi-trailer is used to house the kitchen cooking facilities and food serving area. The trailer has a built in ventilation system, electrical system, water system and propane system.  All the cooking equipment is fired by propane.  Each kitchen has multiple ovens, grills, tilt skillets, deep fryers, stove top burners and hot food holding units.  Also, included in the unit is a three compartment ware washing sink, a food preparation sink, hand washing stations and hot water heaters.  The openings in the unit are screened or covered with clear plastic strips. The screens are made of a nonflammable synthetic material that can be easily removed and washed. The plastic strips can also be removed and washed. All "food zone" and "food splash zone" surfaces are made of food grade/safe materials. Internal lighting is provided by florescent tubes that are covered by plastic safety shields. The ventilation system consists of three hood systems with six evacuation fans. The walls and ceiling are fiberglass reinforced panel (FRP) or stainless steel. The floor is aluminum. The food is served from the street side of the trailer. The serving area is made accessible to diners by steps and a platform system that is permanently attached to the side of the trailer; it slides under the belly of the trailer for travel.

Food Preparation and Refrigeration Trailer:
A 48 foot semi-trailer is used to house additional food preparation areas, freezer and chilled storage. The front of the trailer is partitioned off as a freezer of freezer space. The middle section of the trailer is partitioned off to provide 1200 cubic feet of cooler. The rear section of the trailer is used for food preparation (salad bar and sandwiches). A hand washing sink is provided in this unit also.  All "food zone" and "food splash zone" surfaces in this unit are constructed of food grade/safe materials.

Refrigerated trailer for sack lunch assembly/storage; it is also used for dry storage:
This is a 48 foot semi-trailer. This trailer provides storage for dry goods and provides a space to assemble sack lunches.

Hand Washing Station:
This is a 7X16 foot cargo trailer. The unit has eight (8) hand wash sinks on 24 inch centers. The grey water system has 425 gallons or storage and the potable water system has 425 gallons of storage. The sink units are carried inside the trailer during movement and then removed and attached to the curb side of the trailer for hand washing operations.

Power Generator:
The power generator provides all the electrical power for the mobile food service unit. The unit is carried behind the cab of one of the truck tractor.

Our equipment is also available for rental, for information on pricing and terms please contact us.



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